At Africa Marine Surveys we realize that surveys are normally performed either to prevent, or to examine claims for damage or loss. Therefore, we are conscious to also offer the below related Risk Management Services.

Types of interventions:

To better understand and appreciate the risks they are covering, taking into account local features that may directly impact on the risks, such as the quality of the port, of the stevedores, or the available equipment, warehouses and trucks.

Or at least we give the necessary information to our clients to enable them to better evaluate and therefore better quote for the requested insurance cover.

  • pre-cover inspections of vessels, warehouses, stevedore equipment etc.
  • pre-shipment inspections of vessels and cargoes.
  • draft full loading, lashing and stowage recommendations and supervisions.
  • drafting of Loss Prevention Plans which underwriters may decide to impose as a condition or warranty 

Recommending our Principals how to best possibly safeguard their recovery actions against any potentially responsible party, by :

  • Issuing Letters of Protest;
  • Organizing joint surveys with the P&I Club, the Stevedores, the Receivers, the Charterers etc.
  • Taking all necessary steps to obtain Letters of Undertaking from the Shipowners or their P&I Clubs
  • Obtaining security from the responsible stevedores or their Liability Underwriters
  • Assisting our Principals with the issuance of General Average and Salvage Securities in order to obtain soonest possibly the release of the cargo
  • Supervision of the General Average Adjustment
  • Determine the merits of the Salvors’ intervention, in order to calculate the amount of the salvage award due to the Salvors, and the apportionment of this amount between ship, cargo, bunkers and freight (if at risk)
  • We draft Particular Average Adjustments under Cargo or Hull and Machinery Insurance Policies.
  • We also draft or check (as the case may be) General Average Adjustments.
  • Africa Marine Surveys (Overseas) cvba can conduct the full recovery action, which is normally undertaken under “no cure-no pay” terms, meaning that underwriters concerned will only be invited to settle the recovery fees when a recovery action has successfully been concluded.
  • If need be, the necessary Guarantees can be obtained from the responsible party, to safeguard any future outcome of the recovery action.