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Reporting Procedure

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Instructions

Upon receipt of instructions from their Principals, OCC will confirm receipt of these instructions to the Principals, and request the locally appointed surveyors to likewise confirm receipt of their instructions. Communications with Africa may remain problematic, hence this procedure

At the same time, instructions received in French will be translated by OCC in English, or vice versa, depending on the language of the local surveyor.  This to avoid any miscommunication.

Preliminary Reports

Throughout the survey, our local surveyors  send preliminary reports to OCC, allowing our Principals to be kept updated in real time, and allowing Operations Control Center to guide the surveyor when and where required. 

For loading or discharge supervisions, our local surveyor must report on a daily basis (to OCC):

  • the Eta of the vessel
  • the Berthing of the vessel /commencement of discharging
  • the Daily outturn figures as per requested tally points (hold, under tackle, entry port warehouse/receivers’ warehouse)
  • the Problems encountered during discharging (with digital pictures)
  • the Estimated loss/damage 3 or 4 working days prior to completion (to allow OCC / clients to obtain security)
  • the Final outturn figures & final survey results

The Final Report

The local surveyor must send by e-mail a draft of his final report to OCC who will then check the draft reports to ensure they contain all information required by our Principals. Where required, OCC will  make all necessary amendments. The daily outturns / daily reports will be a valuable guideline to Operations Control Center to check the correctness of the final figures / results.

Only when the report (and its attachments) is approved by OCC, the final report along with all attachments is sent to the clients.