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Correct Reporting is the key

Correct reporting starts with correct and precise instructions to the surveyors.

As Claims handlers, we know what our Principals need to find in our reports to handle their claim files. Therefore our surveyors receive from Operations Control Center precise guidelines what they need to focus on and what information needs to be provided in their reports.  Throughout the survey, our Surveyors  send preliminary reports allowing our Principals to be kept updated in real time, and allowing Operations Control Center to guide the surveyor when and where required.  For more complex surveys, one of our Principal Surveyors from Operations Control Center will attend locally to assist the local surveyor.

All reports from Africa are first being sent in draft to Operations Control Center and only after correction and approval by Operations Control Center the final reports will be published and sent to the clients. This guarantees that the reports are matching the quality control requirements imposed by Operations Control Center and which are laid down in our internal Quality Control System, known as our General Procedure Manual.


Risk Assessment

Without reliable information, our Principals cannot properly assess the potential risk exposure and the premium to charge, and / or the need to impose Loss Prevention Measures which we can work out for our Principals.

Remember : Incorrect reports = incorrect Risk Assessment

Claims Handling

Without reliable information, our Principals cannot properly evaluate the merits of the claim, and may consequently embark in court actions which they would never have commenced or defended had they received correct reports from their surveyors.

We are the ears and eyes of our Principals on the ground.

Remember : Incorrect reports = incorrect Claims Handling