Our team of Master Mariners, Engineers, Lawyers and Insurance Claims Specialists are available for full Forensic Investigations into causes and circumstances of :  

Types of interventions:

Our in-house Master Mariners and Nautical Engineers will conduct full nautical investigation of the facts and circumstances of the collision, including taking statements of the Master(s) concerned, obtaining radar, ECDIS and AIS data prior to and up to the collision, calculation of the angle of blow, calculating the extent of the Hull and Machinery damage, calculation of the apportionment of blame between the various vessels involved etc. Our in-house Average Adjusters can assist in drafting the Particular Average Adjustment under the H&M Policy.

Our in-house Master Mariner will investigate into the causes and circumstances of the facts giving rise to the General Average Act or Sacrifice, including but not limited to, investigation of the Seaworthiness of the vessel prior to or at the commencement of the voyage, and will calculate with our in-house Average Adjusters the contributory values of the ship, cargo, bunkers and freight (if at risk), calculation of the sums to be allowed in General Average and draft if requested by our principals General Average Adjustment

Our in-house Master Mariners and Nautical Engineers will investigate the event(s) making the rendering of the salvage services necessary, and determine the merits of the salvors’ intervention, in order to calculate, jointly with our in-house lawyers, the amount of the salvage award due to the salvors, and the apportionment of this amount between ship, cargo, bunkers and freight (if at risk)

Our Nautical Engineers and Crisis Control Officers will be able to investigate into causes and circumstances of fires on board of vessels during the voyage. Finding the genuine cause of the fire is of paramount importance to be able to determine the liability or not of the carrying vessel. If need be, Africa Marine Surveys (Overseas) cvba will instruct specialists in chemistry to assist them in this Forensic Investigation.

Our in-house Engineers and Crisis Control Officer will fully investigate the causes and circumstances of derailments

With our local surveyors we investigate into the background and circumstances under which theft of cargo and / or wrong deliveries (e.g. under Collateral Management Agreements) have occurred. This includes thorough examination of the documents surrounding the claim (contracts of sale, contracts of carriage, contracts of warehousing, Collateral Management Agreements and insurance contracts) and in depth physical investigation of the warehouse or other premises where the theft, mysterious disappearance or misappropriation have occurred.

This involves both technical and legal investigations which are conducted by our team of in-house Master Mariners, Insurance Specialists, Adjusters and Lawyers. Cases of scuttling of vessels (deliberate sinking or setting alight) or reported losses of cargoes which were never shipped are not exceptional.