Major problems:

• prior to arrival of the goods or vessel (e.g. having had a fire at sea)
• during discharging (e.g. due to a flooded hold)
• due to a severe accident (fire, grounding, capsizing…)
may seriously impact our Principals in various ways:
• direct damage to their property (cargo, vessel, warehouse, equipment…)
• liability towards third parties
• Health Safety Quality Environment issues
• loss of production / revenue
Operations Control Center will immediately discuss with their Principals what measures need to be taken to minimise the impact of the casualty.
Operations Control Center is always reachable on a 24 / 7 basis, and so is their Crisis Control Officer.
In those cases, a Crisis Control Officer can be sent to the scene to:
– assist the local surveyor, 
– discuss on the spot with local authorities / salvors / contractors / opponents etc.
– give all necessary advices and guidelines to the local fire brigades on how to best possibly tackle a fire, taking into account the sort of commodities and (stability of-) the vessel 
– prepare salvage plans and give all necessary advices to salvors how to refloat a grounded vessel, taking into account the navigational and environmental aspects
– coordinate salvage and / or recovery operations
– take all necessary measures with mandate from our Principals to reduce loss/damage, including but not limited to:
• chartering of substitute vessels 
• making arrangements for the transhipment of the cargo from the stricken vessel to a replacement vessel, a warehouse…
• organizing salvage sales etc.